Progress Comes Between the Rock and a Hard Place…

Over the past few months, and truly what feels like a lifetime, struggles have been a burden on my mind. I was reminded recently by a fellow entrepreneur and oily person, that we often get focused on what is holding us back rather than in the goal and result that we are aiming for. As the saying goes, “eyes on the prize” and “no pain no gain” come to mind. Rather than focus on the pain, be it physical, emotional, lack of will, or what have you, it’s important to look forward with a positive mind and push through the obstacle toward your purpose.

It is easy to say, “One day I will be debt free!” and even easier to fall into a deeper abyss of excuses as to why that will never happen. The darkness of that abyss is overwhelming and will swallow you whole should you let it. Would you believe me if I told you the abyss of excuses is an illusion keeping you in a prison you made and only you have the key? Because it’s true. I’m reminding myself of that very fact as I type this now. I am human and whether I like to admit it I am terribly full of faults. That’s okay so long as we get back up and begin again.

Borrowed from the OolaGuys

Borrowed from the OolaGuys

In an effort to seek understanding and progress towards my goals, I have been placing those goals in places I can easily find and often use to have the constant reminder that I can and I will, no excuses to stop me. Mind you, I’m not saying work to the bone and burn yourself out. I am saying fuel your fire, let your faith be your light. If you progress too far too fast the breeze you encounter is too much to keep the flame lit.

Eventually we become a better version of ourselves and the ultimate goal is to strive to be the best version of ourselves. As I look back I can testify that I am a better person than I was ten years ago. I am a better person than I was even a year ago. I have a long ways to go, but seeing how far I have come on a physical, emotional, and financial level is empowering and extremely motivating.

The change that people aspire to is a deeply personal one and may not always be advertised, they may struggle more for that aspiration, or some may seem to have a level easy path to that achievement. In truth, there is no way to know for sure. 10 years is a lot of time for some one to change, to evolve to a better version of themselves. I challenge anyone who reads this to take a step back and assess where you were 10 years ago to today. Acknowledge the change and remember the difference when you encounter a fellow person who seems less up to snuff than you think. I can almost guarantee they also have not achieved the best version of themselves yet.

And when we are all a work in progress what better way to take a strong step forward than by coming together and offering a hand up or boost in the right direction if you are able. A simple smile, compliment, thank you, or other small gesture can turn some one’s bad day into a good day. In return you’ll have positivity on your side, what you give is what you get in terms of universal energy.

A peek into the current struggles and affliction;

1. After we have uplifted our lives, there is talk stirring about staying in Alaska. Would be nice, but I was sincerely looking forward to seeing family back east. We are praying hard on this. And while I don’t like to be political it may very well ride on what happens this coming election.

2. With the move to the lower 48 in mind, I made changes in my personal dealings to work at building a business that I could more easily take with me. Which has turned into a) the passion, Young Living (This company amazes my socks off!) b) Sacred Arrow Jewelry (Amazing ladies with amazing hearts just as empowering in purpose and inspiring life as Young Living) and c) ThirtyOne Gifts to keep it all together and organized. Yes, I may have gone overboard but it’s working for me and it is enabling me to give back to my community! (Almost $300 raised for since July!) In the deep truth it’s overwhelming and scary, but I’m working through to reach my goals.

3. Saving and cutting debt for said above move. Not the best plan I’ll admit when trying to build a business. But again, that’s just an excuse my abyss seems to carry. I can and will build and save!

4. My largest goal is to have all three of my kiddos in one town where we can be a more involved team. The distance did what we needed to. Both parties involved came out on a brighter side. But now it’s time to close that distance and continue to the best versions of ourselves while working together to inspire and support our kiddos.

5. For the outrageous; One day, before my 40th birthday I would like to have completed the Apalachain Trail. My personal dream to experience the beauty and challenge of such an experience and hopefully in the end learn more about myself and the purpose God has for me.

This all in mind, I leave with you and myself with a reminder. Progress comes between a rock and a hard place. Through prayer, faith, understanding, and working through the challenges to share in this adventure to the best version of ourselves, our goals and dreams will be achieved. No matter how hopeless it seems, be a light in the abyss of excuses and see only the dream that fuels your fire. I believe in you.

All my love,


Romans 8:18 I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us. 19 For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed.
P.S. You should check this book out, it’s eye opening and relate-able and helps to see new perspectives in real world ways. Oola Find Balance in an Unbalanced World.