Home Is Where The Humor Is Part 2

We are now entering month the third (Or is it 4th?) month of home ownership, and I am happy to report that most things have settled down and into place. Most of our boxes are unpacked. Still we’ve been taking the unexpected bumps with a grain of salt and doing our best to keep gratitude in our hearts.

At least the views are pretty awesome, right?

I left off with how we were able to save our dishwasher with Thieves Household Cleaner. You can read that story here. Fun continued to unfold as we tried to find a happy medium with our temperature in our home. Here in Alaska many of us rely on oil for heating our homes. Some nights we woke up shivering and other’s we woke up sweating and a toddler crying cause we had tucked him in with fleece pj’s. Never a dull moment, right?

Upon further investigation we had found that the furnace latch had been broken. This is not something easily done, nor was it broken when we had our walk throughs. But I’ll tell you right know that I’m fairly certain I understand pretty¬†well what to expect when I hit menopause! The shifts were real. When the furnace kicked on to heat the house, it would pull the door closed and the door would hit the safety switch effectively shutting off the furnace. If it got bumped, be it by toddler, wind, or furry family, it would kick back on.

Two of my Loves!

He reminds us to smile on our hardest days!

We also came across an exposed thermostat wire (which is not even thermostat wire at all but telephone wire) and a leak in the roof. Thankfully it’s only a small leak and only on our rainiest windiest nights. But the leak would hit the thermostat wire, and again effectively shutting off the furnace. We’ve managed to get both under control, rerouting a wire and wrapping another with electrical tape and until we can full on take on the roof leak a specially placed cup to catch rain water.

And if the leak were not enough one day I was so very excited to get a visit from one of our new neighbors. I had a bounce in my step as I answered the door and smiled with a big ‘Hello!’ So I’m sure you can imagine the shock on my face when she informed me that we had shingles blowing off the roof and into the street. This after we had been told by the previous owner that the roof was wait for it…. metal! I almost argued with her, our new delightful neighbor, that she was mistaken. Surely we weren’t loosing shingles cause… metal roof! But at second thought I didn’t I simply thanked her for letting us know and made a call for some help. And once I could hand off the toddler made my way into the windy wet in my pj’s to see if I could get a peek at the damage.

Some of the furry faces that make it all worth while!

Sure enough there I stood mom hair and pj glory, having not had my coffee yet walking around collecting our lost shingles. Each one leaving more grit and grime from the muddy street on my fingers and each one picked up with another giggle of disbelief. Feeling surprisingly humorous at my own expense for being trusting to our engineer’s all clear and thinking this previous owner cared for her home rather than running from her version of the money pit.

Another day we realized that in one bathroom our hot and cold are marked wrong. So glad that I checked before bathing the youngest. Cause that could have been dangerous. Try running a hot bath or snag a hot shower when the hot and cold is reversed. Stand there for at least 10 minutes waiting for something to happen before having the wise idea that this too just maybe.. may have been done wrong. Sure enough it was.

On one of our rough and windy nights I was trying to get some dishes done and again the hot water would not come. Thankfully we knew that the hot and cold were marked properly in the kitchen. So we went to check the hot water heater’s pilot light. You see our hot water thankfully runs on propane which saves us a bunch on the oil bill. However, the pilot light was out. And guess what?! Another switch/latch was in fact broken. So this led to two days of cold water until a technician could come and get it lit for us again. I’m happy to also report that this has happened twice since but we’ve managed to figure out how to relight the pilot on our own.

Most issues since have been fairly small. So I’m certainly grateful for that. Like the paint that we realized (Cause we set to scrub walls) is a latex based paint and simply peels or scrubs off. Same goes for our cabinets. Hubby and I had a good laugh as we discussed our options to either peel the house or simply replace drywall and paint properly.

He is my Rock! He lives!

Despite all the bumps we are certainly grateful for the love and support from our family. Grateful that while it may leak a little we have a roof over our heads. While they may peel we do have walls to keep us safe. While it took some menopause like hot flashes to figure out, we are warm. While it meant trial and error, we have learned most of the quirky workings of our home. A home we have by the grace of God. Like our home we are always a work in progress. And I am sincerely looking forward to the path we are walking and where God has planned for us to journey!

Even though life my throw some challenges your way, keep your chin up. Keep faith. That is something no one can take from you so long as you hold it dear and in your heart. I know with out a doubt that we are all made for great and amazing things. Live with gratitude for your blessings. I promise, if you do, they will certainly grow!

All my love,


P.S. I hope you had a very blessed Easter! He is Risen!!

Mark 8:31 NIV He then began to teach them that the Son of Man must suffer many things and be rejected by the elders, the chief priests and the teachers of the law, and that he must be killed and after three days rise again.