Rock-A- Bye Roller Recipe

After a long weekend at events, this week I’d like to share a recipe that has become a family favorite! We use it almost nightly with our littlest, but when routines are up in the air it’s not only good for the kiddo, but has been a welcome support for us parents too. A weekend of vendor fairs and fundraisers definitely set a twist into our routine.

While I haven’t done as many events as some of my event buddies, this weekend was not my first time attending a market or fundraiser event. After about a year or so, it still amazes me just how much work goes into pulling these events off. I have a new found respect for each and every business owner who attends and works their tail off to bring the world their product and love.

To give you an idea of the work, each vendor must prepare ahead of time for the event, show up most days an hour early for set up, put up their “storefront,” stand for long hours (Some have chairs but I promise they are used less than you may think), cart heavy product and display pieces in and out again and again, and all this barely scratches the surface. For myself, I know, when I get home once I stop moving, I’m done. (Also part of the reason I’m chasing a healthier life, so I can keep up!) Some times business is slow, sometimes it’s great. And sometimes it’s a lot of work with little to show for it at the end of the day.

I don’t think any of us would trade it for the world from which we came. Being a vendor means countless new friends and meaningful relationships. It means working with each other to see your community succeed. To see that mom help make the household budget stretch a little farther or that older gentleman hold on to his purpose and know that his work is valued. Most of all it means chasing your dream and making it a reality through action.

For me, attending these events, I pray every time, that the Lord guide to a family that could use the information I have. If I could give away these oils to everyone I know for free, I would in a heart beat. I believe in them and the good they do that much. With the tools I have I can at the very least help open up new resources that will help empower those who are ready for natural support in their home. I’ve said it before, I’ve seen where I was a year ago and I see where I have come. I’m not where I want to be, but with the Lord’s good grace and guidance I am well on my way.

So without further ado; here is our family’s favorite recipe for a restfull night after our restless days.

Rock-A-Bye Roller Bottle 

Blend in a 5-10 ml Roller Bottle (I buy mine here. Amazon,, or are also good places to find them).

Be sure to give the bottle a good swirl when you close it off to help ensure all the oils blend and mix evenly. You can apply this blend to the bottoms of your feet, along your spine, at the nape of your neck, on your temples, or wrists. It is a fairly gentle blend which leaves plenty of options.

I hope you all enjoy it as much as we do. It was such a blessing to come home after the events this weekend and snuggle up with my littlest and breath this in.

All My Love,


Proverbs 21:20 There is treasure to be desired and oil in the dwelling of the wise; but a foolish man spendeth it up.