Hello there! Welcome to Cascading Contemplations!

I am Amanda AKA The HeartHappy Oiler. I started this blog a few years back with just general journal like entries to get me through a season in life where I needed a place to hold on to who I was and have a place to get some thoughts off my chest. Thus the name Cascading Contemplations, when the thoughts keep coming and some are too good to just let go. It’s been fairly therapeutic for the soul to be able to have that place. However, it has evolved into wanting to reach out to others and letting them know they are not alone.

I tend to get a bit long winded when it comes to explaining where I come but I will try to keep it brief for sake of your time. I grew up loving the outdoors and travel. I can thank my grandparents for that. My parents were an on and off again item for many years until they just settled on being friends. When I was 17, we lost my mother suddenly to a heart attack. She was only 42. This according to family and friends sent me on a downward spiral.

After came health problems, getting kicked out of the house, family struggles, marriage, kids, toxic relationships, great income, then total loss of my footing. I was too proud to ask for help, feeling like I should have been able to cope and survive on my own. Boy was I wrong. Divorce came, hard choices, then 8 years after we lost my mother, my father lost his battle with cancer. It was a heavy blow and the events after continued to spiral life out of control.

Tired of guilt, stress, health problems I slowly began to dig my way out. I cut off toxic relationships, I focused on growing and surrounding myself with positive people who seemed to sympathize with my struggle. I remarried, found a job, things were beginning to look up. More lessons came, eventually I returned of the life of a stay at home parent, but I found myself needing an outlet again. I know the struggle isn’t over but this time I am better prepared and more determined to face the obstacles of life.

I am a mother of four. My oldest two live with their father most of the wear, and we make sure to keep in touch regularly and make holidays pretty big events. We have dealt with the loss of our third, and cherish our little rainbow boy. My children are the light of my life and fuel all of my “Why’s.” They may not realize it now but they have saved me in some of the biggest ways.

I was also raised as a child of God, and through out it all I have struggled most with my relationship with the Lord. There have been times I have given up on myself and given up on him. It’s rather humbling the things he has placed on my path and the steps he has had to take to see me through. He has not once given up on me, His faithfulness is astounding and I owe everything to Him above.

In the spring of 2016 I felt this revival beginning in my spirit. Directions intentionally laid in my path that I had ignored until they were screaming, “Hello, take this…” And so I did. I started learning more about healthy living and learning that the Journey in life is more that ‘do what you want and die anyway.’ I was introduced and guided to a great company that would allow me to work from home and nurture relationships with family, friends, and our Savior Jesus Christ.  Let me tell you, it has been exhilarating!

So here we are, on this Journey of wellness. We are always a work in progress, but we have come so far. So if you stick around you can expect to see; snipits of a mother’s wondering mind in Ramblings, Recipes we’ve enjoyed around the dinner table, tips and tricks from the world of essential oils, and perhaps even some short stories from inspired moments of creativity.

I greatly welcome comments and constructive criticism. And if you ever feel like you’re all alone in a crowded room, know that you are uniquely you and have been created to achieve great things through Christ who strengthens us! If you’re at the bottom, guess what there’s only one way to go. I’ve seen the bottom, but I’ve also seen there is a way out. I hope our journey’s connect enough that you may be inspired and see just how truly amazing you are!

All my Love,


Heart Happy ~ Is a state of mind and lifestyle in which you chase the moments that fill your heart so full that joy spills out to those around you. May you love deeply, live passionately, be humbled at your highest, and gifted when it feels like the world has turned it’s back. “For I know the plans I have for you…” Jeremiah 29:11