My Young Living

Hey you! Welcome to my Young Living story!

I won’t go too far into my history, I’d like to respect your time. I will hit on the key points that brought my attention to Young Living and a bit of our Journey! To God goes all the credit! He kept tossing things at me until I said okay. He never gave up on me, even though there were times I had. For His patience I’m eternally grateful.

Before Young Living:

I’d like to think I’ve always had good intentions of doing the “Healthy” thing. I was active in JROTC in High School, tried to stay aware of my diet by choosing the healthier options. But there have been events in my life that fed into a “Why care” mentality. The whole “Eat Healthy and Die Anyway… May as well do what I want.” And so weight came along with a self believed depression I was too prideful to seek help for, Fatigue, stiffness, diabetes scares, when my kiddos said “Come’on Mom” I was content to tell them to go ahead and keep my rear on the porch. When I did get up and run with them, I was quickly winded and red in the face.

Then I moved to Alaska. Juneau to be exact. Where outdoor life is an ‘In’ thing and you can pretty much toss the “It’s too hot” excuse out to the curb. The thing about living in Southeast Alaska is that many communities are rural and the only way in or out is by plane or boat. That means higher shipping rates and fewer options. The fast food options; McDonald’s and Subway and a few other pizza joints that really aren’t worth mentioning. Let me tell you, there is no such thing as a “Dollar” menu in Juneau. So what do you do?

You take the outside time while you can, you cook your meals instead of eating out, especially if you’re on a budget. By the way, most of the living space and kitchens are on a second or third story. Weird I know, but if you want the fridge, honey, you’re gonna do some flights to get there. So the arm twisting started fueling the healthier eating and the need to get out and enjoy the sunshine while you can. Did I mention it’s in a rain forest? So yeah lots of rain, means you take what sun you can get.

Digging Into Healthier Options, For Real

I started noticing my stamina was perking up. I wanted to get out and do more. I’m still quite the home body, but not nearly the sort I was oh so many years ago. Cue a friend wanting to start making all natural lotions. We needed essential oils to scent them with. So we nabbed some from the store, we nabbed some from Amazon, pretty much whatever we could afford and justify at the time to get us a good supply. I had even started talking to local folks about who they used or the companies they were with. It was about March of 2016 when I started actually researching the differences that we needed to meet the quality we wanted to provide.

I looked into maybe ten different companies and time and again, Young Living popped up. Again and again and again. I’m telling you it was a little freaky. So I said, “Okay, Lord let’s see what they got…” and in May I ordered a basic starter kit. (Insert sad music here) When my ex husband and all my kiddos, current husband, sister, her family, you name it under one roof, I was normally so tense everything hurt and mamma bear would come out when she needed a release. That year, I was calm. I was chill and going with the flow, we were all having a good time.

Realizing Oils Are Different, and Quality Matters; These Things Really Work!

So what was the difference? I had slathered myself up with the Stress Away. Stress Away is the only oil that the basic kit came with. At the time the basic kit was all I could justify. We were on a tight budget and I had tried having yard sales to get the Premium kit, but had trouble using the funds for anything more than paying down bills. But I tell you right now, after I experienced Stress Away and what it could do for me and my family, I wanted to see what the others could do too! Within two months I had a premium starter kit and quit kicking myself in the rear for not starting there in the first place!


It was June of 2016 that we hopped on their monthly shipping program called Essential Rewards. I wanted the most bang for the buck and the shipping program not only gives you access to the discounted price and shipping, but you gain points back for FREE Oils. What?! FREE? Yup,  Just pay shipping, I was sold. Thanks to This Essential Rewards Program we were able to slowly and at a pace we could afford switch harsh chemical cleaners and products that we used to buy from the store for Young Living’s all natural plant based products and oils.

It’s been just over a year, we’ve ditched all our harsh chemicals. I’ve lost weight, my stamina is up, I’m finding the person I was meant to be. I’m not there just yet but the change so far has been astounding. Not just for me either, but for everyone in the house, kiddos, furbabies, guests.. so much so our friends and family have asked “Hey what’s going on, you look amazing?!”

In this past year I have re-learned that getting through life does need to be fun and enjoyed. Eat healthy and die anyway is true. But let me ask you, how is your journey in between? Is it one of quality or quantity? There is a balance. Eat a doughnut, have a soda every now and then, but keep choosing the healthy choices. I get to support a healthy normal function to keep my body, my family, my pets, my home above the wellness line with essential oils and all natural plant based products. I had no idea the impact that consistently using toxin filled cleaners and household products had on our health. If I have a choice of something synthetic or all natural, I’m picking the all natural. Using blessings of the earth to support the body God gave me.

The best part, when friends and family started seeing the change, they wanted in too. Before I knew it within three months of buying my kit, I had my first $100 check from Young Living as a thank you. I got paid for loving on my life, my family, and my friends. We get to grow on this journey together and that is amazing! It’s all become about lifting people up and showing them a way out, a quality of life that God created them for. The world can be a dark place, but we don’t have to be.

What’s Your Journey Look Like?

We create our own happiness, our own wellness journey! I can tell you with out a doubt that I will not be looking back to that dark time except to remind myself where I came from and how far I’ve come. I want your journey to be just as amazing! Business side is completely optional!

If  you’re ready; You can begin your journey here!

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